Bhutan... a lasting Impression

Bhutan is stuck in the Himalaya Mountains, between Tibet and India.

Bhutan's landscape ranges from plains in the south to the Himalayan heights in the north, with some peaks exceeding 7,000 metres. It is one of least frequented countries in the world, with an age-old culture and traditions. Bhutan is extremely unique !

The spectacular mountain scenery is impressive, a visit to the unique and authentic ‘Dzongs’ (convent fortresses) makes you feel small, being immersed in attractive local celebrations make you glow of happiness. While enjoying a butter tea with a Bhutanese family you get acquainted with a special way of life.

The beauty and splendour of the winter palace Dzong in Punakha will take your breath away. It is situated in a valley surrounded by rivers, rice fields, typical villages and houses and an endless vegetation. Immerse yourself in the ceremonies of the monks or enjoy a breathtaking adventure in the Village Lodge.

Visit the colourful market and get mingled with the Bhutanese people, be amazed by the (spicy) Bhutanese kitchen, where red and green peppers are indispensable.

Of course a visit to the generally known Tiger’s Nest should be part of your visit ! A walk up there is a unique experience with the world-famous Takstang monastery as a climax ! After all of this a wonderfully relaxing massage is a must ....