Spectacular St.Petersburg

In the footsteps of the tsars, city of Peter the Great. St Petersburg is a marvellous city with many faces: modern Hummers and sensational stretch limousines but also amazing Volgas and old Russian schoolbusses. Travelling like the real residents means discovering the underground.

The Peter and Paul establishment or the Cathedral : plenty of magisterial museums and solemn palaces.

Visit the historical Hermitage after closing time or a private performance of the Russian ballet.

Caviar, salmon and vodka at the covered market or a lunch at a local family?

Travel with a beautiful Pushkin train to the Summer palace of Catherine and have lunch in Podvorie restaurant known for its Cossacks and Matroshka painting. Do you want to have a closer look at the roubels ? Go shopping at the Nevsky Prospect. Or be a soldier for one day and drive a typical Russian tank.

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