Timeless Turkey : Istanbul and Cappadocia

Istanbul, where East is separated from West by the Bosphorus.

Stray off in the picturesque bazaar or look for local ingredients at the spice market.

By speedboat to Prince Island, canoe on the Gold Horn or discover the Aya Sofia or the Blue Mosque after closing hours. Relaxing in a Turkish Bath. Visit the Sulthanet district in a horse carriage. Enjoy a classic kebab at noon, dine in a refined fish restaurant along the water or go out eating in style at Reina’s.

Cappadocia: immerse in adventure and mystic. Balloon over this astonishing natural phenomenon and enjoy a chic cocktail at sunset. Heroic hiking or a challenging mountain bike tour, a quad or a horse ride. Do you prefer to leave the normal paths ? Go off road with an amazing 4x4.

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